From: Stepan M. Pechkin (2:5020/644.51)
To: ѕипл!
Subj: я перевел, мало ли кому пригодитс€.
Date: 07 Aug 98 19:12:00

        ќ, ѕипл!!

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Hа случай возможных форвардов в ¬еликое Ѕуржуинство мне вздумалось перевести
эти мессаги на буржуазный €зык. ћожет, кому будет с этого польза.

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 From : Seledka                             2:5030/262      Thu 06 Aug 98 05:
 To   : All                                                 Fri 07 Aug 98 10:
 Subj : How the Rainbow was scattered.
Hi All!

 People, I'm writing to you again. To those who doesn't know the state of
things (that is, how the Rainbow was scattered), I hurry to report: first
there came 6 pieces (pieces, indeed) of OMON [Special Functioning Militia
Unit], they were received, fed, helped with tea. Then they got drunk and at
night on the road to RAINBOW clubbed three men (Kasper among them), sheared
Barr of Nizhny Novgorod, tattered someone's ID, wanted to pass one girl
round. In the morning there was a helicopter over the camp. That was the
beginning. Later came Artur from Bis and warned that an OMON raid is
expected and everybody will be scattered. In an hour (maybe, 40 minutes)
appeared a bunch of OMON, some 100-150 heads (counting also those who were
hiding in the wood and along the road), they were scattered through all the
camp and it was hard to count them. We met them properly, with shouts of
joy, offered them tea or food... they refused. Went straight into the
that teepees are wet and will be dried not before night (it was after night
rain). They gave us a chance to eat, while they were walking, rummaging and
flouting at poor people: throwing in syringes, pillaging foreigners,
breaking into teepees with machine-guns; one foreigner's tent was tore up,
another's camera was broken down. When the time was off, they formed a chain
and began to push us to the wood and the road to the village. That somebody
could not take their things never warried the cops; teepees were broken,
tents crushed, those who meddled, were pushed face down in the dirt, women
were forced to move faster, in spite of their teepees, children and
rucksacks. I've forgot to tell you the main cops' idea: that there's a
pesthole in the camp, and someone was killed. Bullshit. Then everybody was
moved to the buses and OMON jips; films were spoiled, again rummages; those
who had no ID, went to the collector (me too). Several men ran from cops'
hands and got to the station through march and wood. Thanks God we got home
safely, me and others (some 17 men) were transported to Piter by train, with
comfort and convoy, like dangerous prisoners. But it's all a bullshit, the
most terrible is when they take the children. That is, there were children
(some 30) with no papers, they were taken to children collector (in the
evening 17 people remained there). Babies who were left under other
people's watch (giving them also papers of the children), whose parents went
to the city by business, were taken by force and sent to special collector.
Then all the things left there, tents, remnants of the teepees were burned
(one, the white one we managed to save). Maybe somebody was beaten, when
pushed from the glade, I haven't seen, but heard cries, and it is most
painful, 'cause there were women's and children's cries. Some part ran to
the woods, somebody told that OMON shoot at them, but I don't know, whether
it's true. <...>

 See you at RAINBOW!

   Loving you punk Selyodka.

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 From : andrey gerasimov                    2:461/33.1      Thu 06 Aug 98 06:
 To   : All                                                 Fri 07 Aug 98 11:
 Subj : телега.
how high are you, All ?

They called me today and said that everybody was totally scattered, very
many people beaten, men from FSB [Federal Security Service] were throwing in
ampoules and syringes and immediately fotographing this, that some 10
children whose parents had no certificates of birth of them and those who
had no parents <...> were taken somewhere and their fate is unknown;
yesterday people were going to search them in special collectors. Now the
militia searches for Bill and Yan wanting to have the law of them as
organizers. Mshinskaya is over. Everybody - don't go there. There are
sayings that people decided to move to Kaftino, where it was last year.
Details are in Piter, on the place.

ps Official cause of the dissipation, raid and everything - HEPATITIS
EPIDEMIC. They could invent and epidemic of AIDS, pigs.


be high,
andy         //

 + Origin: White Men Can't Jump (2:461/33.1)

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 From : Andrew Mishustin                    2:5030/324.18   Thu 06 Aug 98 10:
 To   : All                                                 Fri 07 Aug 98 11:
 Subj : Ёх ! ’орошо в стране советской жить.
Hi, All !

Today in the newspaper I read the following masterpiece:

"Mushroom gatherers can be different..."

Rains and warmth - what else mushroom gatherer needs. Baskets of forest
gifts are selling in minutes on suburban train stations and near subway
stations. But it is known that mushrooms can be different. The whole camp of
the provisors for so called psilocybic mushrooms, containing a drug
hallucinogen, militia has found in Luzhsky district, 9 km from Mshinskoye
village. As IMA-press correspondent was told in press-service of State Inner
Affairs Board, the atmosphere in the camp where 451 men lives is
characterized in militia reports as "complicated". During the raid, from
many of its inhabitants were taken psilocybin-containing mushrooms, other
narcotic stuffs, cold arms. Among the arrested are also criminals who were
in searches. The doctors from local Sanitary-Epidemiologic Station marked
sanitary state in the camp as unsatisfactorily. Because of this, in
coordination with Leningrad Region Gouvernor and Regional Prosecution
Office, now the officers of the police are deporting the inhabitants of the
tent camp, among whom there are also foreign citizens. - IMA-Press.т вывоз


 + Origin: Pretty Vacant (2:5030/324.18)

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        Stepan (с приветом)

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