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           Re: How I Became A Hippy
Author:    Tom Sparks
Date:      1998/10/02
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On Thu, 01 Oct 1998 15:42:06 -0700, Abadaba 
bravely declared in alt.thebird.hippie:

>On my request a bunch of old friends have begun submitting to me
>recolections of their journeys to hippiehood.
>Thought you all might enjoy readin one....
>If anyone in the *NG* wants to join in, I'd love to hear your stories !!

I think your timer's off.

Perhaps the drug scene of the 60s was a qualifier for me, when I first went to
college in 68-69 and partook of the "tree of knowledge", then was lucky enough
to survive.

Perhaps my commitment to equality for all, and/or my opposition to the war or
the right of my government to order me to die for it, made me a hippie...or
maybe it was my uncut hair and beard.

Today I wear my hair long because my lady and children like it that way, and I
wear my beard trimmed short because it suits me when I look in a mirror - I
look like me - and my lady and children like that, too.

I became accustomed to wearing 3-piece suits in a business environment,
learned to manage and liquidate corporations, so I'm comfortable in a suit,
and feel undressed w/o one when in any "business" situation.

I never became accustomed, though, to the "me" attitude that followed our
heyday.  I could never "sell out" to the establishment, as my friends had
assured me we all would someday - just seems to be a basic problem with
pretending to respect what I don't.

When most of the hippies in this world seemed to just melt away, and the
freedoms for which we'd bled melted with them, I refused to let go of my
demands to be what I wished, in the way that I wished to live.

I think that I couldn't let go of those ideals because they weren't something
that I'd learned, or attempted to emulate for the benefit of those around me -
they represented what I BELIEVED in, and what I've continued to believe in,
and expect to always hold.

I never became a hippie - I always was one.

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