From: Bagrat Ioannisiani (2:5030/386.23)
To: Yar Mayev
Subj: За чтo нe нaдo платить
Date: 05 Mar 98 18:45:00

Hi, Yar:

Like Monday March 02 1998 17:23 Yar Mayev wrote to Mike Novikoff:

 MN>> Hе знаю, пpаво же... Hавеpное, Clannad все-таки бyдет лyчше.

 YM> Bыдaлcя cвoбoдный дeнь и чиcтaя кacceткa - тaк чтo cдeлaнo. Дeйcтвитeльнo,
 YM> oчeнь в жилy, Clannad'74.

 О, Clannad 2, ништяк. А скажите, москвичи, у вас случайно первого их альбома,
73 года, нету? А вообще ты, я думаю, на правильном пути. Так со всеми бывает -
сперва "кельтские смеси" (это, наверное, как питательная среда для всяких
бактерий), потом Clannad и Silly Wizard, Steeleye Span, Fairport Convention,
Planxty, еще Стивелл какой-нибудь, James Galloway, потом Chieftains, Dubliners,
 Clancy Brothers, а потом, глядишь, и старый Ян какую-нибудь мандолинку или
скрипочку в руки возьмет. Давай-давай.

=== Begin Clannad.Dsk ===
                                 C L A N N A D

This file is a compilation of discographies by Don Grimm
 (March 28th, 1994) and Jim McCauley
. Most of the detailed information is Don's and the notes on
each album are from Jim.

Other contributors include

Kevin Guy Woods, Armand Simonis, Michael Robinson, Gerard Manning.


1973      Clannad

          Maire Brennan (Harp, Vocals)
          Paul Brennan (Flute, Bongos, Guitar, Vocals)
          Ciaran Brennan (Double Bass, Guitar, Piano, Vocals)
          Noel Duggan (Lead Guitar, Vocals)
          Padraig Duggan (Guitar, Mandola, Vocals)

          John Wadham (Drums)
          Grainne McMonagle (Tin Whistle)

           4:50 Nil Se Ina La
           2:55 Thios Chois Na Tra Domh
           3:50 Brian Boru's March
           4:30 Siobhan Ni Dhaibhir
           2:10 An Mhaighdean Mhara
           2:00 Liza
           4:03 An tOilean Ur
           3:03 Mrs. McDermott
           2:40 The Pretty Maid
           3:00 An Phairc
           1:40 Harvest Home Hornpipe
           3:45 Morning Dew

                I have heard this was also released on LP as "The Pretty Maid"
                in 1982, same catalog number (Philips).

                Produced by John Cunan at Eamonn Andrews Studios

                LP Philips 6392013 (Ireland)
                LP Boot Records ITB 4016 (Canada)

                I believe that this is their first album; I found
                this in Canada in summer 1974.  Copyright is 1973.
                Very early and a bit raw; the band's heart is on
                its sleeve here.[JMC]

        [Rumour has it that not only is this album out of print but that the
         master tapes have been lost - GM]

          Track info:

          Nil Se Ina La 4:50
          Collected from a woman in Creeslongh, Co. Donegal who had heard the
          song on Tory Island off the Donegal Coast, telling the tale of a
          drinking nomad.

          Thios Chois Na Tra Domh 2:55
          Translated this title means down by the blank strand, the songs
          origin is a controversial one and relates of a seaside graveyard
          and is a lament by a lone man who discovers his comrades are
          interred there. He bids farewell to his friends, both past and

          Brian Boru's March 3:50
          A tune composed in commemoration of the Battle of Clontarf which
          occured in 1014 and in which the Irish repelled the Vikings and in
          so doing lost their gallant leader Brian Boru. The tempo of the tune
          traces the victory and eventual discovery of the slain leader.

          Siobhan Ni Dhaibhir 4:30
          The age old story of a complicated relationship between a young man
          and a woman. The song is based on the western seaboard and concludes
          at Erris Head in Co. Mayo.

          An Mhaighdean Mhara 2:10
          Meaning the sea maiden or mermaid, who marries a mere mortal. The
          husband knowing his wife cannot return to the sea without a cloak
          she wore as a mermiad, he hides it but he is left lamenting her
          when one of their offspring discovers it and his wife returns to
          the open sea from whence she came.

          Liza 2:00
          A group composition penned by Padraig and Paul for the Slogadh 70
          competition, telling the story of an ilash girl who roamed from
          man to man not finding solace till she returns to her first love.

          An tOilean Ur 4:03
          In bygone days America was given this name by Irish emigrants, The
          New Island, the song relates to a land new in the eyes of the young
          man who has deserted his homeland and his parents, and is mystified
          by the changes and new found freedoms. Yet eventually
          sets in and the young man returns to his homeland and to his real

          Mrs. McDermott 3:03
          A tune by the famed harpist O'Carolan who dedicated many of his
          compositions to females both regal and otherwise.

          The Pretty Maid 2:40
          A translation of an Irish tune depicting the chance meeting a
          young man with a singing milk maid; the youth falls quite madly in
          love with the fair maiden's voice and her beauty; he proceeds to
          make his advances yet she feels quite inadequate towards him as
          does the young man until he states he would bestow on her all he

          An Phaire 3:00
          An anti-pollution song written by Michael Hanly for the National
          Song Contest '73, in which 'A Field' as is the title of the song,
          has been exploited by land developers and has lost its former

          Harvest Home 1:40
          The group interpretation of a traditional hornpipe played on the

          Morning Dew 3:45
          A composition by Bonnie Dobson and Tim Rose recorded by innumerable
          artists yet given the Clannad treatment.


=== End Clannad.Dsk ===

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